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Learn to code iOS apps from scratch

Hands-On Screencasts

Follow along with our step-by-step video courses. We show you what to do, how to do it, and why it's done like that. Updated for Swift 4, iOS 11 & Xcode 9.

Lifetime Updates

Don't waste time with outdated iOS tutorials. Our courses are always kept up-to-date with new Swift, iOS and Xcode versions. Oh, and you get lifetime updates for free!

Helpful Support

Got stuck learning how to code? Our support team is here to help you out. We go the extra mile to help you move forward, so you can have a great learning experience.


Best Practices

Rest assured you're learning what works. In our courses you learn best practices, fundamental topics and app architecture, so you can build high-quality apps.

Practical Challenges

Learn to code Swift from scratch with our exciting, hands-on challenges. Our courses inspire you to code on your own, in addition to step-by-step instructions.

App Templates

When you enroll you immediately get access to all project source codes and app templates, to use in your own apps, and a ton of helpful resources, tools and workflows.

Learn to code iOS apps from scratch with Swift 4

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Build Complete App Projects

No BS, no cookie-cutter, no Hello World – just real-world projects

What Developers Say

The courses contain everything you need to code, design, test and publish your apps. I totally recommend it. What helped me the most was how to create app mockups — as a developer I always found design hard to understand. This is pure gold stuff that you won't find any place else! Cosmin Pupăză, The Programming Apprentice

Reinder knows everything about iOS apps, from the nitty-gritty programming details all the way up to finding customers and scaling a business. He's an open book of knowledge and genuinely wants to help others achieve their own success. Peter LoBlue, created Whenever

I was blown away by the depth and at attention to details. The courses cover front-end and backend, how to design, build, create a landing page and launch an app on the App Store. Everything you need to move from a total beginner to a very competent junior app developer. Anselme Kotchap, created Power Law Technique

I was struggling to get downloads for my iOS app, so I reached out to Reinder for help. He gave me a step-by-step strategy to try and it worked fantastically: 1 week later I passed 3,000 downloads in a single day! Reinder's broad experience as an app developer makes him the perfect teacher for new app developers. Dave Kynaston, created Our Epic Day

Meet Your Instructor

Reinder de Vries is a professional iOS developer and entrepreneur.

Since 2009 he has built a few dozen apps for iOS, for companies including Tommy Hilfiger and Philips, and lead development at a bunch of crazy startups.

In 2014 he started LearnAppMaking to teach app development and marketing to indie app developers, and to help them create better, more profitable apps.

Check out some of the apps Reinder built:

Learn to code iOS apps from scratch with Swift 4

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Courses Overview

App Development

These courses are included in the Developer Bundle and Pro Bundle

  • Basics of Building Apps
    Basics of Building Apps

    Learn the basics of iOS development: variables, functions, classes and objects. It's a great step-by-step way to start learning how to code iOS apps.

    00:45:44 App Development Beginner
  • Working with the iOS SDK
    Working with the iOS SDK

    You'll learn how to use Xcode, Interface Builder and Auto Layout, and how to create apps with UI elements like buttons, table views and web views.

    01:26:03 App Development Beginner
  • Mockups and App Design
    Mockups and App Design

    Design first, then code! In this course you'll learn about app design, how to make mockups, and how to rebuild a graphic design in Interface Builder.

    00:58:21 App Development Intermediate
  • Intermediate Swift Programming
    Intermediate Swift Programming

    Build the coffeeshop app Places, that shows you coffee places nearby. Learn about intermediate iOS development topics, like closures and multi-threading.

    01:25:45 App Development Intermediate
  • Working With Webservices
    Working With Webservices

    In this course you'll connect your app to a web-based JSON webservice, make web requests with Alamofire, and track user behavior with Google Analytics. Let's get started!

    01:13:10 App Development Intermediate
  • Working With The Cloud
    Working With The Cloud

    Every app is connected to the cloud these days. In this course you'll learn how to use the cloud-based Parse Server back-end in your apps.

    00:54:40 App Development Advanced
  • Building the Streams App
    Building the Streams App

    Learn how to build a complex social media app from scratch. You'll connect it to a cloud-backend, incorporate follow-unfollow functionality, and create a timeline of posts.

    02:07:36 App Development Advanced
  • Publishing in the App Store
    Publishing in the App Store

    In this course you'll learn how to publish your app in the iOS App Store. Learn about provisioning profiles, beta testing with TestFlight, and configuring iTunes Connect.

    00:32:09 App Development Intermediate
  • Running Your Own Parse Server
    Running Your Own Parse Server

    Learn how to set up your own Parse Server in the cloud, and use it as the back-end for your apps.

    00:27:43 App Development Intermediate
  • Building a Chat App with Firebase
    Building a Chat App with Firebase

    Let's build a chat app! In this course, you're going to build a chat app for iOS with Xcode, Swift and Firebase.

    00:56:21 App Development Intermediate
  • Build A Tasks App With MVC
    Build A Tasks App With MVC

    App architecture is important to understand as a practical iOS developer. But where do you start?

    02:36:27 App Development Intermediate
Foundation for Swift

These courses are included in the Swift Bundle, Developer Bundle and Pro Bundle

  • Foundation for Swift: Beginner
    Foundation for Swift: Beginner

    In this course you'll learn beginner Swift development, including topics like variables, functions, operators and optionals.

    01:08:23 Foundation for Swift Beginner
  • Foundation for Swift: Advanced
    Foundation for Swift: Advanced

    In this course you'll learn advanced Swift development, including topics like casting, generics, tuples, delegation and error handling.

    00:36:22 Foundation for Swift Beginner
  • Foundation for Swift: Intermediate
    Foundation for Swift: Intermediate

    In this course you'll learn intermediate Swift development, including topics like collections, loops, closures and Object-Oriented Programming.

    01:47:47 Foundation for Swift Intermediate
App Marketing

These courses are included in the Pro Bundle

  • What's Your App Idea?
    What's Your App Idea?

    Great app ideas aren't unique. Surprising? In this course you'll learn how to come up with great app ideas – a crucial aspect of indie app business.

    00:54:59 App Marketing Beginner
  • What's Your Channel?
    What's Your Channel?

    What's your app's target audience and how can you reach those people? With this course you'll answer those crucial questions for yourself.

    01:06:48 App Marketing Beginner
  • What's Your Pitch?
    What's Your Pitch?

    In this course you'll learn how to pitch your app, how to pick the right business model, and how to make money in the App Store.

    00:32:47 App Marketing Intermediate
  • Building Your App Landing Page
    Building Your App Landing Page

    You need an app landing page, period. Here's how you build one.

    00:13:40 App Marketing Intermediate
  • Content Marketing For Your App
    Content Marketing For Your App

    Content marketing is a new way for app marketers to reach their target audience. Great content naturally attracts users. Here's how.

    00:40:03 App Marketing Advanced
  • App Store Optimization
    App Store Optimization

    You get more organic app installs with App Store Optimization. Learn how to find keywords, optimize them, and improve your rankings.

    01:40:52 App Marketing Advanced

Having limited knowledge of iOS before the course, I signed up,
and through well-explained examples it immediately helped solidify my knowledge and confidence as a developer. It really empowered me to be a better engineer and learner. Rael Kenny

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  • All source code, app templates, Swift challenges and resources
  • Lifetime updates
  • Community support

Pro Bundle

  • All Foundation for Swift, iOS Development and App Marketing Track courses, with 25+ hours of screencasts
  • All source code, app templates, Swift challenges and resources
  • Build your own Instagram-like app with the Photo App Template (included)
  • LearnAppMaking iOS Certification
  • Lifetime updates
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Reinder is an experienced entrepreneur and skilled developer,
and he put tons of love and experience into his courses.
I'm sure, you can learn from him too. Nadja Petranovskaja

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