How To Launch Your App Successfully With A Social Media Campaign

Written by Emily Clark on November 29 2018 in App Marketing

How To Launch Your App Successfully With A Social Media Campaign

By 2019, Statista predicts there will be 2.5 billion smartphone owners. As smartphones primarily function through apps, the competition for app usage also rises.

In such a crowded marketplace, it can be difficult to stand out. Your app needs visibility to gain users, but creating a distinctive marketing strategy can be time-consuming.

A successful social media campaign can alert users to your new app. Social media provides a platform for you to communicate with consumers directly, fostering strong connections for your brand.

Social media, however, can be one of the most difficult platforms to execute effectively. Creating a unique and targeted social media campaign can increase user engagement and app downloads.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can launch your app successfully with a strong social media campaign.

  1. Plan Your Marketing Strategy
  2. Research Your Target Consumer Base
  3. Create Distinct Content For Your Social Media
  4. Increase Your App’s Success

Plan Your Marketing Strategy

As an app publisher, you should integrate a marketing plan from the beginning of the app development process. Knowing the benefits of a long-term marketing plan, nearly 98% of businesses have a documented marketing strategy.

You should constantly be thinking how to promote your app to better appeal to your target consumer base, even as the app is still developing.

Your marketing efforts will determine how broad of an audience your app will reach. Your app may have enormous potential, but if no one knows about it then your app will be lost in the 4 million apps already available in the App Store and Google Play stores.

Integrating a marketing strategy into your development process can increase the suspense of the launch. If you tease your consumer base with information and ads about your app, you will already have an audience waiting for its arrival.

Social media can be an important platform to gain app awareness. By posting messages and trailers about your coming app, you can see how many people engage with your marketing messages. Further, users can ask questions and connect with your brand before even using the app.

Your marketing strategy is integral to the success of your app, and because of that you must consider promotional efforts throughout the entire development process.

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Research Your Target Consumer Base

Experts estimate there will be 2.77 billion social media users in 2019. Your potential app audience is large, however, attempting to appeal to the entire world is an impossible feat. In fact, if you try to please everyone you end up pleasing no one.

Find your niche! You should research what type of people are ideal consumers of your app. Your marketing efforts need to target a specific group of users to create a relationship with that userbase.

Your efforts can focus on age, gender, income, and lifestyle. If you want to appeal to 40-year-old women, your ads will be different than if you were marketing to a 12-year-old boy. So-called psychographics are even more important, taking into account the dreams, fears and aspirations of your target audience.

For example, the IKEA furniture app actively advertises toward couples or families who are undergoing home renovations or moving. The app allows users to take a picture of their home and place IKEA furniture into the room through augmented reality.

IKEA understands that its main consumer base will be families between the ages of 25 and 65. Their ads always integrate family into their content and add a DIY aspect that makes the furniture appear more personal. IKEA identified its target consumer base as independent-thinking families, who are looking to create a home together.

You should research who responds best to its app and implement an advertising campaign toward this group to increase potential downloads.

Create Distinct Content For Your Social Media

You should foster a unique style and consistent tone across all social media. Considering over a third of businesses primarily focus their marketing efforts on social media, you need to create content that is easily recognizable under your brand.

Social media actively engages your target users. You should interact with consumers and visitors to create a more dynamic brand experience. Make your brand have a distinct voice that separates your app from the competition.

Below, Netflix integrates humor into its post to seem as though someone is directly speaking to its followers:


Netflix connects with users on social media, making their app more appealing to potential users. The above tweet makes a joke, advertises a movie, and informs people of an interesting statistic.

Foster a distinct brand voice that connects with consumers. Integrate humor and facts into posts to perk interest. By creating a consistent and familiar tone across all platforms, users can easily identify your voice and engage with it.

Your social media can humanize your brand, encouraging visitors to download your app after a relatable interaction.

Increase Your App’s Success

Although billions of consumers use apps, most people only use 9 apps on a daily basis, making the competition for attention strong. You will increase downloads if your marketing reaches the right people, with an effective social media campaign.

Social media offers a free platform for businesses to connect with consumers. Optimize your marketing efforts by telling stories of app success in posts. People enjoy hearing real-life examples of others using your app and accomplishing a task.

Here’s how you can harness the power of social media for your app launch:

  • Integrate your marketing strategy into the development process to achieve more visibility upon launch.
  • Make sure you know your user-base and market your efforts to a targeted group.
  • Create effective and recognizable content that allows users to associate your app with a certain feeling or message.

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