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Why reinvent the wheel if you can kickstart your app building workflow with these resources?

We put together a beginner-friendly Getting Started Guide for you, so you can kickstart your app development journey by having all the details you need to know right in front of you.


  • Pinpoint the next best action to move your app forward, with the Creative App Building Workflow
  • Swipe the complete list of tools we use to make successful, profitable and professional iPhone apps
  • Learn how to avoid common app maker mistakes and misconceptions (you’ll want to pay attention here!)

The guide answers a few common app development questions, such as:

  • Should you learn Swift or Objective-C?
  • What's the average income for an indie app developer? (It's surprising...)
  • Your app idea already exists in the App Store! What now?
  • How much time does it take to build an app? (This Q&A includes smartcuts!)

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The Creative App Building Workflow is what I’ve used in the past 7 years to build 52+ apps for myself and my clients. It’s proven itself every time, delivering a well-designed, solid-working app.”

Reinder de Vries, Founder and CEO,

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(PLUS: Swipe the one tool we use to save $$$ on our cloud backend...)