Foundation for Swift: Intermediate

Foundation for Swift: Intermediate Duration: 01:47:47 Foundation for Swift Intermediate

In this course you’ll learn intermediate Swift development, including topics like collections, loops, closures and Object-Oriented Programming.

Foundation for Swift explains programming without using it to build iOS apps. It’s a pure-Swift approach, isolating the important concepts of programming so you can take your time to get to know them.

Every chapter features on-page Swift sandboxes, so you can directly try out what you’ve learned.

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Reinder de Vries is a professional app developer and entrepreneur. Since 2009 he has built a few dozen apps for iOS. His code is used by millions of smartphone users around the globe.

In 2014 he started LearnAppMaking to teach app development and marketing to indie app developers, and to help them create better, more profitable apps.

Reinder's video courses explain foundational and advanced development topics in a fun, easy-to-follow and engaging way.

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In this course you'll learn intermediate Swift development, including topics like collections, loops, closures and Object-Oriented Programming.

Watch this course and learn

  • Learn about collection types like arrays and dictionaries
  • Get lazy with loops and recursion
  • Master closures and callbacks
  • Get to grips with OOP
  • Understand how memory management, "scope", and capturing works

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Course Chapters

  1. Arrays and Dictionaries Arrays and dictionaries are collections. They're data structures to store information with, much like variables, but then with more values of the same type, in one container. Here's how to use them. 19:52
  2. Loops and Recursion Lazy programmers are the best programmers. Why do something 10 times if you can code it once, and have it loop 10 times instead? Here's how you can code that. 17:40
  3. Closures and Callbacks Closures are extremely powerful, but they're often a tough topic for beginner developers. Here's what you need to know, what mistakes not to make, and how to let closures do the heavy lifting for you. 11:49
  4. Classes, Instances and Properties (OOP 1) Object-Oriented Programming is an important topic to cover. In this chapter you'll learn about classes, instances and properties. 09:49
  5. Inheritance, Implementation and Protocols (OOP 2) Another part of Object-Oriented Programming is the relationship between classes. In this chapter you'll learn about inheritance, implementation and protocols. 21:27
  6. Scope, Capturing and Memory Management Scope, capturing and memory management are crucial topics to cover, although they're often overlooked (until you run into trouble). Here's how you can solidify your understanding of intermediate iOS development. 27:10

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