Indie App Business and App Store Publishing

Built your app? The fun has only just begun: let’s publish it in the App Store, and profit from app installs! Using App Store Optimization you can improve the ranking of your app, and with indie app business strategies you can turn your app into an asset that generates revenue (while you sleep!).

Indie app business typically has two “sides”: business strategy, and marketing. Determining the viability of your app (called “validation”), making the right partnerships, outsourcing to great developers, and picking an app business model are part of business strategy.

App Store Optimization (ASO), paid advertising, content marketing and building a landing page, typically belong to app marketing.

These strategies don’t only apply to you when you’re an app entrepreneur. If you want to move forward in your career, you can for instance negotiate a higher salary when you improve your development, marketing, design and business skills. Likewise, you might want to create a second stream of income with a “side hustle” – an app published in the App Store!

You can check out one of the many articles on indie app business, below.

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