App Marketing and App Store Optimization

App Marketing is a cornerstone in any effort to make your app successful. It starts long before you build your app, and continues long after. What are effective marketing strategies you can use to increase app downloads?

A common mistake app developers make is beginning marketing their app too late. You build the app, publish it, and think: “How can I increase the amount of downloads for my app?” It’s better to focus on that question continually, and from the start of your app project.

Improving your app’s download rate is a continuous process, and it starts at the very beginning: your app idea. Even when you validate your business, you’re using app marketing strategies to pitch your idea to people, and you use marketing tools to measure their responses.

The typical app marketing approach involves App Store Optimization (ASO), a strategy very similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for websites – but then for apps. You do keyword research, and try to improve the “ranking” of your app for certain App Store search keywords. App Store Optimization uses your app’s reviews, its landing page, app screenshots, localizations, and many more components, to improve the App Store ranking.

In addition to App Store Optimization, an effective marketing strategy can include content marketing, paid advertising, email marketing, partnerships, social media, app reviews, growth hacking, guerrilla marketing – it never stops!

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