App Development and Swift Programming

Do you have an idea for an app, or are you already building one? This is what you need to know about iOS app development and Swift programming. Learn about the app ecosystem, programming languages, toolsets, and time and effort involved.

You’ll need a Mac, Xcode, and learn a bit of Swift programming. There are also various options for building apps on a Windows PC, or with Linux.

Apps for iPhone are made with a Mac application called Xcode, and programmed in either Swift or Objective-C. Swift is the most popular choice, especially for beginner app developers. Xcode includes a tool called Interface Builder, which you can use to “scaffold” the UI for your app.

Many apps are connected to the internet, which means that they have a back-end that allows storage of data in the cloud. Popular back-ends are Parse Server, Firebase and Realm.

If you want to publish your apps in the App Store, you’ll need an Apple Developer Account. You can always run your apps on your own iPhone, with Xcode, for free.

App development is a great way to learn about programming, techology and creating products. Even if you don’t want to publish your own apps, successfully developing an app is a great goal to accomplish.

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