Best Of Quora: App Monetization, Startup Coverage, And Becoming A Genius Programmer (Week 33)

Written by Reinder de Vries on August 9 2015 in App Development, App Marketing

Best Of Quora: App Monetization, Startup Coverage, And Becoming A Genius Programmer (Week 33)

In an ongoing series “Best Of Quora” I capture gems of questions. Do you have a question about app making that you want answered? Ask me a question on Quora.

This week’s edition, topics include app monetization, signing up in an app, becoming a genius programmer, video guides and a pretty cool list of tech startup coverage.

What Is The Best Way To Monetize Apps?

Good question! What’s a good way to monetize apps? Everyone is looking to build an app these days, but many of them forget to figure out the business side of things. First you ideate, then you validate – you find paying customers – and then you come up with a good business model.

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Should I Use An Email Signup Or Facebook Signup For My Mobile App?

You’ve probably seen it before: apps that use Facebook to sign you in. In the background, the app connects to your Facebook accounts and reads your data. You set the permissions of course, which is pretty transparent these days, so none of your stuff ends up in the hands of angry mobsters.

But… some people don’t have Facebook (or Twitter). So, should you add an option to sign up with good ol’ email as well?

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How Does One Become A Genius Programmer?

What’s a genius anyway? I figure, that if you complete the first 500 questions of Project Euler, you’re a pretty damn good programmer. But… isn’t perspective what makes a programmer great?

There’s stuff like communication skills, knowing how to document your code, and a sense of business. You could be the greatest programmer that never lived, but nobody knows, because you never get out of your nerd cave…

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Are There Swift Developers Who Would Benefit From A Guide On Connecting Swift PHP/MySQL?

This is a question I’m all too familiar with! Every week I try to figure out what would interest app-savvy readers.

Here’s what I’d do:

  • Set up a quick landing page for this guide, explaining what it is and why someone should watch it. Don’t forget to add an email opt-in, you can do that with Mailchimp, a bunch of services like Strikingly, or build your own with WordPress and Gravity Forms.
  • Create a Facebook ad for the page, i.e. make the advertisement link to the landing page. Write some compelling copy, throw in a cool image.
  • Make a couple of variations of the ad, mixing around images and call-to-actions. You could even make the language, database system variable (Java, Ruby on Rails, Objective-C, Elasticsearch, etc.)
  • Let all ads run for 2 days, get them to at least 1000 impressions (ideally a visibility of 6–8) and set the cost cap to $ 10 a day.

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Which blogs are writing about tech startups?

I can be short and long about this. There’s a pretty concise list of all blogs involved with startups over at A word of caution: don’t bluntly send your stuff over to the Submit page.

Instead, do a little work:

  • Get to know the blog: what angle are they usually taking?
  • Find out the name of the reporter most likely to write about you, i.e. who is right up your alley.
  • Get your Spidey Sense going and figure out some contact information on the person. No, not where they live, an email address would be nice.
  • Pitch your stuff directly to the person. Don’t forget: they get dozens of emails like yours every day. Keep it short, answer the What’s in it for me? question, and make a point why your app coverage would be beneficial to the reader.

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Do you have a question about app making that you want answered? Ask me a question on Quora.

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