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What Developers Say

I've recently begun working as a freelance iOS developer. You've helped me take that step, so thank you for your support early on. It's been a great experience! Rasmus Englund, created ColorDrop

With your course I got to really understand some programming concepts that confused me before, like Object-Oriented Programming. It's now much clearer to me. Your diagrams on variables and functions show how good you are in teaching what seem to be so complex. Ann

Your courses helped me with things that are complicated, like passing data in segues. You helped me gain the ability to learn new things, like UICollectionView. And I made the decision that I want to go ahead and start an app company! Shani Rivers, created Liste

Reinder knows everything about iOS apps, from the nitty-gritty programming details all the way up to finding customers and scaling a business. He's an open book of knowledge and genuinely wants to help others achieve their own success. Peter LoBlue, created Whenever

Meet Reinder

Reinder de Vries is a professional iOS developer and entrepreneur.

Since 2009 he has built 25+ for iOS, for companies including Tommy Hilfiger and Philips, and lead development at a bunch of crazy startups.

In 2014 he started LearnAppMaking to teach app development and marketing to app developers, and to help them create better, more profitable apps.

Check out some of the apps Reinder built: