Avoid These Common iOS App Dev Mistakes

Written by: Reinder de Vries, August 24 2016, in App Development

Last week I joined Ryan McCourt from CareerFoundry for a very interesting webinar. As the presenter, I talked about a few common iOS developer mistakes – mistakes you don’t want to make!

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Avoid These iOS App Developer Mistakes, a webinar from LearnAppMaking + CareerFoundry: https://learnappmaking.com/avoid-these-common-ios-app-dev-mistakes/Click To Tweet

How To Avoid These Mistakes…

Learning how to code, and building your own apps, is challenging but it isn’t rocket science either. What roadblocks do beginner app makers commonly face and how do you get around them?

In the webinar, I touch on these fews:

  • Not doing any marketing
  • Starting marketing too late
  • Suffering from the Not-Invented-Here Syndrome (I’m guilty as charged!)

Making apps isn’t just about coding and design, a lot of business operations and development is involved too. What kinds of pitfalls can you avoid on the business aspects of your app?

  • Do not try to build The Next Facebook
  • Learning to learn is a skill in itself…
  • Your app idea doesn’t need to be unique
  • Do your homework: research and validate (or… just launch!)

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Launch Strategies That Are So Boring It’s Cool

As an app maker, you need to do The Work: coding, design, user interaction, communication, sales, and… marketing! Just before the end of the webinar, we touch on a few key points for marketing your app – specifically, marketing strategies that don’t require a big budget.

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  1. Call everyone in your contacts list, pitch your app and ask for 10 referrals
  2. Start a blog around the theme of your app
  3. Launch a Facebook Group and listen for feedback (or search Quora)
  4. Re-keyword your app with AppAnnie
  5. Add a behaviour-based rating prompt in your app
  6. Create an in-app message center
  7. Treat every customer like it’s their birthday
  8. Blackmail your friends into reviewing your app
  9. Stick to it (persistence is key!)

Pro Developer Tools I Use Daily

Then, we get in a few tools I use daily for making professional apps:

  • Parse Server or Firebase, for the back-end of your app
  • Native Swift and Xcode – because that’s how the cool guys (and gals) code!
  • Balsamiq Mockup (pay attention to their “Linking” feature)
  • Sketch or Photoshop (if you’re from 1999)
  • Fastlane for build process automation
  • Swift Toolbox, for finding great code libraries (Not invented here, yay!)
  • PaintCode: design, then export as Swift code
  • AppAnnie and SensorTower, for competitor and target demographics research
  • Localytics and Flurry, for app analytics
  • Branch.io, for in-app deeplinking
  • AppTentive for customer support and communication
  • StackOverflow and Quora for coding help

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And Finally, A Live Q&A (Yay!)

I’m a big fan of Q&A. By the end of the webinar, it’s time for viewer questions – and they had quite a few. Get the lowdown on:

  • Is making a career as an indie developer still a profitable path of employment? (Yes!)
  • How do you work with freelancers or contractors?
  • Do you recommend using Parse as a back-end for your app, even though it shut down?
  • Should I localize my app’s meta data and user interface text?

What’s Next?

The fine folks at CareerFoundry liked our webinar so much that we’re going to do another one in a short while. Having talked about marketing so much, it’s time to do some actual coding…

Want to get started on your career as an iOS developer? Check out CareerFoundry’s awesome course on iOS app development, here.

Is there anything you want us to cover? Let me know in the comments, below! In the meantime, always feel free to ask me anything on #AskReinder.

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Avoid These iOS App Developer Mistakes, a webinar from LearnAppMaking + CareerFoundry: https://learnappmaking.com/avoid-these-common-ios-app-dev-mistakes/Click To Tweet

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