#AskReinder: The 5 Second MBA

Written by: Reinder de Vries, August 11 2016, in Guide, Stories

Why pay $200k for an MBA program when you can learn the same in 5 seconds of video, here on The #AskReinder Show?

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The 5 Second MBA

According to recent research, more than half of developers in mobile are living below the “poverty line” of $500 in monthly revenue [1]. Studies from 2014 and 2015 show that only 24% of indie developers make between $1k and $10k a month. [2]

The prevailing sentiment among indie app developers is that pop apps like Supercell’s, Clash of Clans and Candy Crush are the future of the App Store – not the indie productivity apps we’re all making [3].

Your app “Masters of Business Administration”:

  1. Provide value
  2. Make an app users want or need (honestly, seriously, so no fart apps!)
  3. At a price == business model
  4. It should satisfy customer expectations
  5. Aaaand at a level that’s sustainable, and worthwhile to continue operation

That’s where 75% of app developers go wrong. You don’t want to be in that failure cohort.

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Written By: Reinder de Vries

Reinder de Vries is an indie app maker who teaches aspiring app developers and marketers how to build their own apps at LearnAppMaking.com. He has developed 50+ apps and his code is used by millions of users all over the globe. When he’s not coding, he enjoys strong espresso and traveling.

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