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    Connect with like-minded app developers, marketers and publishers.
  • Mastermind Facilitation
    Join a small group of passionate entrepreneurs for virtual face-to-face calls to grow your business, achieve your goals, and stay accountable.
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Grow Your App With Like-Minded App Makers

Do you know the saying: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”?

It’s true! But for app makers like yourself, hiring a team of executives isn’t always an option. You want to go fast and far.

You need to wear multiple hats, from graphic design, to development, to marketing, to business operations. What if you need a second opinion or a like-minded app maker to help you when the going gets tough?

That’s where the App10x masterminds and members-only forum, comes in. Get access to our Mastermind Facilitation Program, in which we help you find a suitable mastermind, and help you achieve your goals. To app makers like yourself, that’s invaluable.

Membership perks include:

  • Members-Only Forum. Discuss issues you’re struggling with, share your best strategies, learn from peers and get backing when you’re out of ideas. Forum topics range from development, to design and UI/UX, to customer support, and marketing tactics.
  • Mastermind Facilitation. We help you find a suitable mastermind, and ensure that App10x masterminds keep running smoothly. The Facilitation Program helps you achieve your goals, stay accountable, and makes sure you get where you want to go.
  • Smart Goals. Do you want to attain a business goal? Our Smart Goals module helps you achieve those goals by making crystal clear what you want, how you’re going to do that, and by tracking your progress along the way.

10x Your App With Execution Plans (XPs)

Are you “winging it”? Has your app’s growth stalled, or worse, is your app’s churn rate overtaking its acquisition rate? Are you struggling to find novel, scalable marketing campaigns to grow your app’s userbase?

Enter the App10x “Execution Plans”, or XPs, several bite-sized checklists, frameworks, blueprints and templates to improve and grow your app.

The execution plans are organized around all the major cornerstones of your app business and have a strong focus on marketing, user acquisition, and back-end operations.

Experienced and beginner app makers alike can find value in these XPs, because can be applied to all levels and growth stages of business.

Topics include:

  • App Store Optimization. Of course, the staple of any app! What’s working now in App Store Optimization? How can you make sure you’re getting the most out of your app’s meta data, rankings, and reviews?
  • Ideation and Validation. How can you make sure it’s worth your time and money to pursue an app idea? App ideation and validation serves as a safety net to avoid spending too much time on a bad idea, and helps you solidify and crystalize your app ideas before you build them.
  • User Acquisition. Understand the metrics behind month-to-month user growth, and learn how to create successful paid advertising campaigns with Facebook and Search Ads.
  • Customer Success. Customer support, messaging and back-end operations become increasingly more important for app makers. How do you get customers hooked on your app, to ensure an optimized user life-time value? It’s all about customer success.

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“As an app maker, both builder and marketer, I understand and appreciate the value of surrounding yourself with app makers that do what you do: building and growing impactful businesses. With App10x I want to bring those people together, so they can build better, more profitable app businesses. See you inside?”

Reinder de Vries, Founder of

App10x is a paid membership, private community

Membership fees are $ 29 monthly or $ 79 quarterly. At this time we're not accepting
new members, but you can express your interest by signing up for the waitlist below.

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Member Benefits

Join Like-Minded App Makers

You shouldn't be all by yourself on your entrepreneurial journey. They say you're the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with – so who do you surround yourself with? Join App10x to meet, discuss and grow with like-minded indie app makers.

Mastermind Facilitation

Masterminds are as old as the world itself. Join for a regular face-to-face virtual hangout with peers, who give each other feedback and help each others businesses forward. Mastermind members share what's working, and get help with what isn't.

Grow With Execution Plans

Are you "winging it"? You won't stay in limbo much longer with our Execution Plans (XPs). Worksheets, cheatsheets, standard operating procedures, blueprints, templates – everything you need to successfully launch, build and grow your App Store business.

Private Member Forum

App10x members get immediate access to our private members-only forum. Are you stuck with a business problem or do you want to discuss a new marketing idea? Join us on the member forum and get valuable help from your peers.

Goals & Accountability

You're not here to just make another app, you're here to make a dent in the world! As an entrepreneur you set goals for yourself, but you need a group of peers to keep you accountable. The App10x masterminds, member forum, and specially designed Smart Goals module can help you with that.

Up-to-date Content & Insights

It's no good to know what worked last year. The App Store is always in motion, and these days you can't just upload an app and expect thousands of downloads on your first try. You need to know what strategies work, so we're keeping our Execution Plans up-to-date, no-BS, and packed with insights you can't get anywhere else.

Execution Plans

Get Immediate Access To These Execution Plans

Ideation 101: Where Do Good Ideas Come From?
Where do good ideas come from? This Execution Plan answers that question. Every great app starts with an idea and although you have plenty ideas, most of those ideas aren't suitable foundations for your App Store business. In this Execution Plan you learn to ideate and research your ideas, so you can filter the good from the best and never ever get stuck for problem-solving solutions again.

Ready? Launch! Aim.
Business validation is overrated. Why don't you just launch your app, and see where it lands? The App Launch Plan execution plan helps you to avoid launch paralysis and inspires you to launch, re-launch quickly. In this execution plan you learn how to pick an idea, set it up, launch it, then validate your results, pivot, and launch again.

Blueprint: Beta Program Launch
Every app needs a core of true fans. This execution plan helps you identify, inspire, convert and foster those true fans by means of a "Beta Program" launch. Think of these early fans as app ambassadors, forming a core group you can rely on for support and word-of-mouth marketing. Your beta program launch is the first stepping stone, the first 1.000 true fans milestone, to a successful business.

The Duct-Tape App Business
Who says you need an MBA to run a business? We certainly don't. You also don't need a degree in computer science. This execution plan is our most popular course to date, because it literally hinges on duct-tape. In the Duct-Tape App Business you learn the foundations of running and growing a business, the foundations of product development, of value delivery, and making it all work together.

App Sketching and Design With Templates
Graphic design is a big part of any app and it affects many parts of your app business. Great design doesn't only affect your app's aesthetics, but influences its marketability too. In this Execution Plan you'll learn how to create mockups, rough sketches, for your app and how to turn them into a real graphics design by making use of done-for-you graphics templates.

Build Your App's Sales Page With Strikingly
What's an app without a sales page? Your sales page is the business card of your app, the doormat potential customers step on at first contact with your business. It's no doubt important to leave a good first impression! In this Execution Plan, you'll learn how to design, set up, and write a great app landing page that highlights your app's value to prospects and converts them to actual paying customers.

The Long-Term Game: List Building
Your app is not the only way you can communicate with your customers. App marketing is changing, and list building and content marketing has become an increasingly important aspect of growing your app's userbase. Due to popular demand we've built an entire course about list building, including content on creating a lead magnet, writing email broadcasts, and converting subscribers to customers.

The Long-Term Game: Content Marketing
As an indie app maker, you need to spend time and money acquiring new users for your app. Paid advertising is becoming increasingly more expensive, so as an app maker, you resort to different means of marketing. Content marketing is one of them. In this Execution Plan, you learn how to create valuable content around your app that attracts new customers in a surprisingly low-budget way.

Paid Advertising Guide: Facebook Ads and Search Ads
Paid advertising is a great way to acquire new users for your app. In this Execution Plan you learn how to set up a paid advertising campaign using Facebook Ads, and the new Search Ads. You'll learn how to target potential customers for your app, how to set up an appealing creative, and how to write copy that converts.

App Store Optimization 10x
App Store Optimization is the staple of any app marketing campaign. With this Execution Plan you learn the basics of App Store Optimization (ASO) and how to optimize your app's screenshots, keywords and meta data to get the most out of your App Store ranking. Moreover, you learn which factors increase your app's conversion rate and ensure the highest quality of app installs.

Customer Success, Support and Relations
Your app isn't just an app. It's a brand, a business, a value delivery machine! Did you know it's cheaper to keep a customer, than it is to acquire a new one? Keeping your customers happy is all about Customer Success, Support, and Relations. This Execution Plan shows you how to stay in touch with your customers, how to segment them on behavior, and how to resolve issues in a way that doesn't cost you your business.

App Business Models and Growth
Due to popular demand we've added a new Execution Plan, about App Business Models and Growth. How do you track your app's growth? How do you know when you've gained "traction"? What's the best way to monetize your app, with all its unique features and properties? This Execution Plan answers those questions and gives you tangible approaches to 10x your app's growth.

The Creative App Building Workflow
Your app business involves a lot of product design and development. You need to figure out what your customers want, release new features, or build a new app altogether. How do you structure such a project? The Creative App Building Workflow is a proven method of building an app, or parts of it, from start to finish. If you follow the workflow you can be sure that your app project will get done in time, within budget, resulting in a great app that customers love.

App10x is a paid membership, private community

Membership fees are $ 29 monthly or $ 79 quarterly. At this time we're not accepting
new members, but you can express your interest by signing up for the waitlist below.

Yes, Sign Me Up!