App Store Publishing Worksheet

Written by: Reinder de Vries, October 26 2015, in App Development, App Marketing

Keep this resource handy! It’ll help you with publishing your app in the App Store. How? We’ve outlined the most important App Store fields for you, and gave neat tips for each single one of them. Fill out the fields, share them with your team, and before you know it you’ve got a shiny App Store page up and running.

Click to open: App Store Publishing Worksheet

How To Use

It’s incredibly easy. Click the link below, and follow these steps:

  1. Click the link, Google Sheets opens.
  2. The file is read-only, but you can copy it over to your own Google account. Mouse over to File, then choose Make a copy ....
  3. Name your new document, like App Store Publishing Worksheet for MyApp
  4. Input your data for the App Store. Check out the tips in the Description column, and make sure you at least fill out all required fields (marked with *). For detailed information, check out the Apple Developer website by clicking on the link at the bottom of the spreadsheet.
  5. Share the file with your team with the blue Share button top-right.
  6. Once ready, go to iTunes Connect and input the data for your app. Done and done!

Note: You need a Google Account to work with the file. If you use Google Plus, Gmail, or any other Google tool, you already have a Google Account.

Click to open: App Store Publishing Worksheet

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