Why We Do What We Do

At LearnAppMaking we care about building and marketing apps, but not as much as we care about inventing and creating the world of tomorrow. We may teach you how to launch your product, but the launch itself isn’t the goal, the goal is what it means for you and your customers.

Even though building great apps and executing marketing strategies to perfection is important, it’s not the most important. It doesn’t matter whether you’re building a calculator app or the next big thing, it matters that you do.

We believe that the world of tomorrow is created by the inventors of today. For us, the most wonderful and meaningful thing in the world is inspiring you to be that inventor.

This is our mission.

“It’s Not 2008 Anymore!”

The App Store isn’t what it used to be. It’s not 2008 anymore; you can’t just simply build an app and expect it to get tens of thousands of users installing your app the moment you publish it in the App Store.

Here at LearnAppMaking we make apps for a living and chances are you’re (about to be) in the business too. So, the following “issues”, in and around the App Store, won’t come as a surprise:

  • You can’t afford a > $ 5 acquisition cost for app installs, which greatly skews paid acquisition in the favor of “established” firms, unleveling the playing field
  • The app stores combined have over 4 million apps, with 300+ being published every day. Stating the obvious: you have trouble standing out among the crowds…
  • Crapware apps with horrible UI keep showing up before your app in the App Store search results, even though you spent a week on refining App Store Optimization keywords
  • The average person you talk to has a 14-year-old cousin who “also” builds apps, or wants you to talk to their friend because they had an idea for “the next Facebook” #appdeveloperproblems

No, really, for a blog that teaches and inspires app makers to build and market their own apps (within the “app bubble”) you’d almost expect us to recommend against starting another app business…

Yeah, what’s up with that?

It is time for apps to grow up. You can’t just simply build an app and expect it to get tens of thousands of users installing your app the moment you publish it in the App Store.

Instead, you can have much more success building an app that is:

  • Properly validated – do people want what you’re selling?
  • Simply not a rip-off copy of another popular app, like Flappy Bird.
  • Supportive of true customers and has a sustainable marketing approach.
  • Novel, innovative, exciting, or simply something we’ve been dying to get our hands on.
  • Based on a business need, not a customer “want” or a thought similar to “Let’s build another social network!”

If you’re here to make a quick buck in the App Store with the umpteenth reincarnation of THREES or your this-is-a-great-idea “I’m going to build the next Facebook”, this is not the place for you.

However, if our mission statement (“This Is Why We Do What We Do”, above) made you happy-face and you’re here to make the world a better place, WELCOME ABOARD! Moreover, if you like building, unlocking your own code gene, and want to win the hearts and minds of people with your creations – we’d be honored to have you stay a little longer.

This Is What You Can Expect From Us

LearnAppMaking.com features a rich set of courses and content:

  • Want to build your own app, but don’t have a clue about where to start? Download the Step-by-Step Guide: Get Started With Your App Idea to get your bearings in the app economy.
  • Ready to take it to the next level? Sign up for The App Launch Plan, the ultimate execution plan to ideate, target and launch your killer app in just one day.
  • You’ve got an app idea? But you don’t know how to build it? Sign up for the Pro Course and learn how to build your own apps with Swift 2 and Xcode 7!

Coming Soon: We’re very close to launching App10x, the community for independent app developers and marketers. Meet like-minded app entrepreneurs, discuss ideas and strategies, and refine your app makin’ craft with a dozen laser-focused execution plans on topics such as building a landing page, implementing a customer support center, and App Store Optimization.

Oh, and this is how we usually teach:

  • First, we start with WHAT. What ingredients do you need to do to make this work? Is it code, a tool, a strategy, or simply a plan?
  • Second, we explain you HOW. This is very important. Often, you know what to do, but you don’t know how to get there. We pride ourselves on having a strong focus on actions, execution and implementation.
  • Third, and lastly, we tell you WHY. There’s no point in just following instructions without understanding why it’s done like that. Often, we tell you about underlying principles or different approaches to the same problem (and which one is better, and why).

Of course there’s a secret ingredient, too. Sign up for the Get Started With Your App Idea guide to get a feel for what that might be!

These Are The Types Of Readers We Love

We’re creating content specifically for:

  • Are you working a day job but do you yearn for your “own thing”? It might be a great idea to start your very own side-hustle. Build an app, make some money on the side, and when it takes off, hand in your 60-day notice! (Did you quit your job because of us? We’ll bake you a pie – promise!)
  • Are you a developer and contemplating the switch into mobile smartphone land? Welcome! The Pro Course is a terrific learning opportunity to refine your coding craft and build something new.
  • Are you an entrepreneur or do you aspire to be one? Thinking about launching an app startup? BRING ON THE HUSTLE! (Welcome!)
  • Are you none of the above, but is a tiny voice in your head that says you were meant for so much more? Nothing makes us happier to inspire and unlock the code gene in aspiring builders, makers, inventors, marketers – from any industry, from any walk of life.

Let’s go!

This Is How It All Started…

LearnAppMaking.com became self-aware was founded in November 2014 by Reinder de Vries. Reinder is an indie app maker and entrepreneur. Since 2009 he has developed 52+ apps and his code is used by millions of users all over the globe. When he’s not coding, he enjoys strong espresso and traveling.

Reinder has a degree in engineering and studied mediatechnology, and taught design and development classes to undergraduate students.

He wrote his first line of code in BASIC when he was 10 years old and he hasn’t stopped since. At night Reinder dreams in Objective-C, Swift, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and has Xcode, Parse, Elasticsearch, REPL, LEMP and KISS for breakfast. As a true inventor he makes sure his innovations see the light of day by implementing sure-fire marketing efforts, growth hacking strategies and endless passion to win the hearts of his customers.

If you know how to solve problems, build solutions, and have the ability to sell that – you can rule the world. – Reinder

Contact Information

Inquiries, questions, comments, or experimental programmer drugs can be sent directly to Reinder de Vries, [email protected].

I get a lot of email every day, and I reply to each email I get. Give me 24 hours to get back to you.

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The rebels. The troublemakers. The ones who see things differently. While some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” — Steve Jobs, 1997

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