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Learn how to build your best iOS apps with my iOS development course. I'll show you step-by-step how to build your own iOS 14 apps from scratch with Swift 5.

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Reinder de Vries, iOS DeveloperReinder de Vries
iOS Developer
Showcase: Shani Rivers

What do you do when you’re just out of college, but there aren’t any jobs in your academic field? You learn to code!

“I think that programming is an art, in some way. You’re trying to figure out what works.”

That’s what Shani Rivers did. She’s a resourceful iOS developer, a LearnAppMaking alumni, and the developer of 3 apps, including Liste, a task app. Here at LearnAppMaking she learned how to build iOS apps. This is her story.

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Showcase: Rasmus Englund

Rasmus Englund is a kickass, energetic iOS developer with 4 published apps to his name. And he’s recently opened for business as a freelance iOS developer.

“Be persistent and explore.” is his advice for aspiring iOS developers.

What got him interested in learning how to code? Rasmus: “With code, I can create stuff just from my imagination!” Here at LearnAppMaking he learned iOS development. This is his story.

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Showcase: Sumire Kobayashi

Sumire had an app idea that could help people in her community. She learned to code Swift, and successfully built Mori Marche (森マルシェ), an iOS app that helps people in her community exchange household items.

“Coding is worth a try, to see if you get hooked on it or not!”

It also helps to have a mentor, Sumire says. "You don't know what you don't know," she explains, "so having someone like you help with Q&A for a project gives me a direction to work towards."

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Showcase: Marc Langsman

Marc is an adept UI/UX designer, and he loves running. He creates UIs for mobile apps all the time — but what if he would actually code an app for runners? That’s where Runsense comes in.

“I’ve probably coded every single day, maybe 99% of them, and that regularity helps you get through the initial learning phase.”

The goal of the app is to motivate and inspire runners by providing advice from elite athletes. Marc: “My plan is to get the app out of the door, and in the hands of runners, and see how well it’s received. You don’t know that until you launch.”

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What Developers Are Saying

I've recently begun working as a freelance iOS developer. You've helped me take that step, so thank you for your support early on. It's been a great experience! Rasmus Englund, created ColorDrop

Reinder knows everything about iOS apps, from the nitty-gritty programming details all the way up to finding customers and scaling a business. He's an open book of knowledge and genuinely wants to help others achieve their own success. Peter LoBue, created Whenever

I was blown away by the depth and at attention to details. The courses cover front-end and backend, how to design, build, create a landing page and launch an app on the App Store. Everything you need to move from a total beginner to a very competent junior app developer. Anselme Kotchap, created Power Law Technique

The courses contain everything you need to code, design, test and publish your apps. I totally recommend it. What helped me the most was how to create app mockups — as a developer I always found design hard to understand. This is pure gold stuff that you won't find any place else! Cosmin Pupăză, The Programming Apprentice

The course helped me with things that are complicated, like passing data in segues. You helped me gain the ability to learn new things, like UICollectionView. And I made the decision that I want to go ahead and start an app company! Shani Rivers, created Liste

The course content is extremely helpful and easy to understand, but the best part of this course is interacting with Reinder in the community. In the span of a few questions, he's helped me find answers to questions that I've spent months trying to figure out. Kevin Cooke

I was struggling to get downloads for my iOS app, so I reached out to Reinder for help. He gave me a step-by-step strategy to try and it worked fantastically: 1 week later I passed 3,000 downloads in a single day! Reinder's broad experience as an app developer makes him the perfect teacher for new app developers. Dave Kynaston, created Our Epic Day

With the course, I got to really understand some programming concepts that confused me before, like Object-Oriented Programming. It's now much clearer to me. Your diagrams on variables and functions show how good you are in teaching what seem to be so complex. Ann

Reinder is experienced entrepreneur and skilled developer and did put tons of love and experience into his course. It's turned out great, and I'm sure, you can learn from him too. Nadja Petranovskaja

What struck me about the course is that it is well thought out and structured. The videos are simply awesome too, very easy to follow and you provide way more than I expected. I would recommend this course to anyone who appreciates professional content tailored for any level of programming. Eddie Mooney

The course shows you how things are done by pros. Its a challenging but fun course that helps you execute on your ideas with practical information not easily obtainable elsewhere. Worth every cent! Vish Subramanian

What a storytelling, man! I just couldn't resist myself from sending you a DM. The way you explained totally blown me. I'm an android developer, but I can relate myself with your explanation. Thank you. Priyank Tiwari

Reinder is an ace in teaching you how to become a Maestro in app-making. He doesn't let any detail slip by without a comment or a way to improve upon it. I am excited about how much I've learned. Door de Flines

I'm quite busy with my job but thanks to the course I can do it with my own pace. And the best thing is Reinder can help you with any problem!
Aiemaan MN

Meet Reinder

Reinder de Vries is a professional iOS developer and entrepreneur.

Since 2009 he has built 25+ for iOS and Android, for companies including Tommy Hilfiger and Philips, and lead development at a bunch of crazy startups.

In 2014 he started LearnAppMaking to teach app development and marketing to app developers, and to help them create better, more profitable apps.

Check out some of the apps Reinder built: